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"The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance; the wise grows it under his feet." 

~ James Oppenheim 

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Seasons of Beauty

"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year." 

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

January begins the year,

with snow and ice, oh dear! . . .

 Kris and friends play and play;

til winter is

"Slip Sledding Away" . . .

Slip Sledding Away framed.jpg
Love in Our Heart framed.jpg

"Love in Our Heart" 

is what we share and feel;

As we warm by the fire

to ward off

February's chill . . .

"Blossoms of the Valley" 

decorate the land

as far as the eye can see;

Their exquisite welcome

the new life

of spring beauty . . .

Blossoms of the Valley framed.jpg
Spring at Wolf Creek Mill framed.jpg

"Spring at Wolf Creek Mill" 

bustles with wildlife;

Hear the rush of

water and birdsong

fife . . .

Three upright petals of

an iris is symbolic of

valor, faith and wisdom; 

A link between heaven

and earth is the

"Pristine Bloom" . . .

Pristine Bloom framed.jpg
Yearling in Brown.jpg

The wonders of life

are what make spring;

and the joyful glimpse

of spots of a fawn and

soon to be "Yearling" . . .


"Summer at Wolf Creek Mill" 

has finally arrived;

chickens pecking the

woods for treasures prized . . .

Summer at Wolf Creek Mill framed.jpg
St Josephs Church framed.jpg

"St. Joseph's Church" 

stands noble and strong;

June is the time

for wedding bell song . . .

Following Your Heart framed.jpg

"Following Your Heart" 

as true lovers do;

wedding vows 'neath

the gazebo, two lives

joined anew . . .

"The Catalpa at Reynolds Homestead" 

moves your spirit to soar,

Its artistic twists and turns

symbolize self-expression

to be true to yourself and more . . .

A "Peaceful Sanctuary" 

gives me summer tranquility,

A meditative state of mind

for joy and stability. . .

Berkeley Castle framed.jpg

"The Berkeley Castle" 

stands nobley by the

banks of mineral springs,

A place rich with history,

and celebratory happenings . . .

Lebanon Train framed.jpg

The "Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad" 

takes us into fall,

Historic gaslights and 

pumpkins line our trail . . .

The "Bays Mountain Park" 

is a perfect autumn scene;

Orange and brown

wood-lined waters are

an angler's dream . . .

Blue Ridge Fall Framed.jpg

"Blue Ridge Fall" 

makes my heart glow;

A warm cabin and smoke

curl invite me to

explore autumn's shadow . .

Winter at Pritchard House framed.jpg

"Winter at the Pritchard House" 

is a welcome sight;

Red brick and a horse-drawn

sleigh bring warmth

to a snowy delight . . .

Ohioi Bicentennial Barn framed.jpg

The "Ohio Bicentennial Barn" 

is one of eighty-eight,

There is one in each 

county of Ohio state . . .

Calm Repose framed.jpg

A "Calm Repose" 

creates a wintry reprieve;

An egret contemplates this

year's tapestry weave.

Flower and berries.jpg
Catalpa Reynolds Homestead framed.jpg
Peaceful Sanctuary framed.jpg
Bays Mouintain Park framed.jpg

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