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So here’s the real scoop: I was a teacher - an English teacher, if you want to be technical. Although I am no longer in the classroom, the classroom has not been taken out of me. I can never stop teaching. And that is why I so enjoy writing these news stories. I have things to share; things to teach. Hope you are in the mood to learn.

Working with the estate antiques has taught me far more than I ever knew about antiques. It has been an extremely difficult job researching the items - probably because there are so many items - hundreds and hundreds is not an exaggeration. These items have been authorized by the estate for sale.

Today, I want to share with you what I have learned about hand-painted, porcelain button boxes circa 1895 - 1899. The estate has quite a collection. As a matter of fact, it took me two hours to pack them. At that time I thought they were cute little boxes. That lets you know how little I knew.

no fine gentleman would be without one

I’ll start with the button. These buttons were used to fasten collars and cuffs. This particular button appears to be brass.

Look carefully at the box itself.

Notice that each porcelain box resembles a shirt, in that each has the shape of the collar and a button is visible down the front of the shirt. If you examine the lid of the box, each handle is in the shape of the button in the first photo. Each porcelain box is hand-painted and some boxes have been signed by the artist on the bottom of the box. Most of the porcelain boxes say Bavaria or Limoges, France. There are also three silver boxes in the collection.

While we do not use these buttons today to fasten our collars and cuffs, these boxes make wonderful keepsakes and what a great way to preserve and keep the past alive. Wouldn’t a box make a beautiful holder for a rosary, rings, necklace or other special keepsake?

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