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just never know what comes through my door . . .

it's what I love about my "work" ~

We don't always know the depth of the story behind a newfound treasure someone brings in for framing . . .

but it sure is inspiring to touch something special from a family's life and bring it to life for all the world to appreciate.

Isn't this a lovely prize?

Its journey began during the first great war, WW I. Barb W's grandfather was serving in France. He purchased a pillow cover, simply a souvenir of the place, day and times. It was aptly embroidered with "Souvenir De France." So it became his; and he sent it back home.

Time went by, and a few more wars came and went . . .

However, all was well, for the souvenir was packed away for safe keeping. There it lay in that cedar chest for many a year until Aunt Joanie found it.

With something so beautiful and delicate, there was but one thing to do . . . she had it framed. More time passes by and Aunt Joanie and the family continue to enjoy the souvenir from times gone by.

The time came for Aunt Joanie to move and redecorate. Now the pillow case just didn't quite fit in to the new décor. And, as time will do, it had taken its toll on the frame which was in tatters. Oh dear, what to do?

Aunt Joanie was thrilled . . .

Of course, Barb had admired the souvenir for many a year, but the frame it was in was beyond repair. Aunt Joanie was thrilled when she heard Barb would love to have this family heirloom . . . However, the question loomed, "Could it possibly be re-framed?" After all, for nearly 100 years it had been upon this earth.

Now I get to do my part, a little magic here a little magic there ~

Barb and Aunt Joanie came to pick it up. I still wear a smile from the note I just received:

"it's still just as nice as the day we picked it up almost 30 years ago. . . it looked better than all those years ago she originally had framed."

They often wonder what Barb's grandfather would think of the little souvenir he sent home during that turbulent time of war and mayhem. What would he say about the little lacy pillow case and its cherished place in Barb's home nearly 100 years later?

I'm sure he's smiling that a once simple gesture and souvenir has become such a family treasure.

Thanks, Barb W. and Aunt Joanie for allowing me the pleasure and honor of framing your treasure!


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