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curio cabinet

from the estate collection

curio cabinet for sale

This curved-glass curio cabinet is a unique piece of estate furniture, believed to be from the 1920s.

This unit has the original 3 wooden shelves and the original casters,

although they are not attached in this photo. The glass is the original curved glass as seen by its waviness.

I have been authorized by the estate to place this item for sale at $240.00, which is a 40% discount off the fair-market-value of $400. - $500.

Please contact me and ask for Paul if you are interested in purchasing this item from the estate:

Call: 618.344.1212 or email me at:

genuine hoosier cabinet

Another item for sale, though it has not yet been photographed, is a Genuine Hoosier 4-Piece Cabinet.

This piece has a central base unit that includes the original metal shelving, bread storage box, and porcelain top. The central upper unit features the original glass front cabinets as well as a flour storage compartment and sifter. This unique Hoosier cabinet also has two (2) companion pantry cabinets, which are the full height of the central Hoosier units.

The estimated fair-market-value of this 4 piece unit is $1,000.00 to $1,500.00. I have been authorized by the estate to place this item for sale at $750.00.

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Just for reference, other items of furniture in the estate collection that are for sale to be featured at a later date:

  • 2 Mission chairs: matching straight back and rocker (Stickley style) - appear to have the original leather upholstery; inlaid engraving; fair-market-value $1,200. 00 - $1,500.00 I am authorized by the estate to offer this item for sale at $950.00

  • 2 ball and stick tables (circa 1920s)

  • 2 unit tall barrister book cabinet (circa early 1920s)

  • 3 unit tall vintage barrister book cabinet (circa 1940s-50s)

  • Very unique 1920s Parlor Chair/ Table (Stickley style)

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