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hang that jersey on the wall for all ...

sports do not build character ...

they reveal it.

~ john wooden

jersey framing reveals the character of a framer, too.

I have a series of photos to share with you that shows some of

what goes into framing a jersey and getting to the final stage.

Once the jersey has been stretched onto a form that has been cut to the proper size and shape, it’s time to do a bit of stitching to hold the sleeves as well as the folds in place. A sharp needle and thimble are a must.

Once you are satisfied with that phase, it’s time to attach the stretched jersey to the matboard. I, personally, like to use my needle and thread. This is the part where you hope you do not stab you finger with the needle because that sure does hurt. The photo with all of the white shows the backside of the matboard once the stitching is completed.

the shadowbox ...

If any additional items are to be included in the shadowbox, now is the time to add. In this case, the customer wanted the certificate of authenticity to be seen.

Measure twice; there are no second chances.


Now it’s time to cut, clean and fit the glass; then cut the spacers that will keep the jersey away from the glass. After I determine the depth of the spacers and cut them, I like to smooth the edges on all sides just to give a professional look to them.

Once the spacers are in place, it’s time to fit the jersey into the frame, and finish up.

All done.

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