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Our forever hope ...

And I gladly stand up next to you

and defend her still today...

"God Bless the U.S.A." ~ Lee Greenwood

Growing up, Veteran’s Day was always observed in our family to honor those who served in the military. Our dad was critically injured in World War II. After six weeks of basic training, he was sent to France. On the day they landed in France, they crossed the river into Germany to face combat.

They were attacked almost immediately and my dad’s buddies, who trained with him and were on either side of him in the foxhole, were killed - my dad critically injured. Having lost a lung and several ribs, he was hospitalized 364 days - one day shy of a year.

"Daddy's Home"


My dad never, ever talked about the war. Never told my sister or me anything about it. He was from that generation, when something is over, it’s over; and you move on.

It wasn’t until I was forty-something that I heard the story. I had taken him over to Barnes Hospital because he was having severe pain in his chest. He told the doctor that he had been wounded in WWII, and the doctor asked for a detailed accounting of what happened. That is the one and only time I heard the story. I sat in that doctor’s office speechless as I listened to his account of what took place.

The doctor ordered an MRI of his chest to see what was causing all of the pain. The MRI failed - too much shrapnel remaining in my dad’s chest for the test to be completed; a true diagnosis was never made.

The one thing that my sister and I learned growing up, injuries, such as those sustained by my dad, affect the whole family. It’s more than the physical injury. As a little girl growing up in the 1940s and 50s, I knew it was difficult for my dad to find a job to support the family. His physical condition limited the type of work he could perform; and that would always be the case. Mom had to work, too, in order to make ends meet. We learned at a young age that everyone pitches in because it is what families do.

Though my dad was injured in the war, he was a patriot. He knew that he and his buddies gave what they had to defend this country and to protect the freedoms we enjoy. It is with true sincerity that our family says “thank you” to all of the men, women, and animals, who serve or have served our country. We are grateful and proud of the work that is done and appreciate the sacrifices that are made. God bless you and keep you.

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