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have you heard the song of snow? ...

tinkling chime of ice laden twigs outside ~

the creak of an old barn bustles with life within ...

"A Peaceful Place"

A Song of the Snow
Madison Julius Cawein

Roaring winds that rocked the crow,

High in his eyrie,All night long, and to and fro

Swung the cedar and drove the snow

Out of the North, have ceased to blow,

And dawn breaks fiery.

Sing, Ho, a song of the winter dawn,

When the air is still and the clouds are gone,

And the snow lies deep on hill and lawn,

And the old clock ticks, 'Tis time! 'tis time!

And the household rises with many a yawn

Sing, Ho, a song of the winter dawn! Sing Ho!


Deep in the East a ruddy glow

Broadens and brightens,

Glints through the icicles, row on row,

Flames on the panes of the farmhouse low,

And over the miles of drifted snow

Silently whitens.

Sing, Ho, a song of the winter sky,

When the last star closes its icy eye,

And deep in the road the snow-drifts lie,

And the old clock ticks, ' Tis late! 'tis late!

And the flame on the hearth leaps red, leaps high

Sing, Ho, a song of the winter sky!

Sing Ho!


Into the heav'n the sun comes slow,

All red and frowsy;

Out of the shed the muffled low

Of the cattle comes; and the rooster's crow

Sounds strangely distant beneath the snow

And dull and drowsy.

Sing, Ho, a song of the winter morn,

When the snow makes ghostly the wayside thorn,

And hills of pearl are the shocks of corn,

And the old clock ticks, Tick-tock, tick-tock;

And the good man bustles about the barn

Sing, Ho, a song of the winter morn!

Sing Ho!


Now to their tasks the farmhands go,

Cheerily, cheerily: The maid with her pail, her cheeks aglow;

And, blowing his fist, the man with his hoe

To trample a path through the crunching snow,

Merrily, merrily.

Sing, Ho, a song of the winter day,

When ermine-capped are the stacks of hay,

And the wood-smoke pillars the air with gray,

And the old clock ticks, To work! lo work!

And the good wife sings as she churns away

Sing, Ho, a song of the winter day!

Sing Ho!

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