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do you know what winter brings ...

yes, ice and snow, whites and greys ~

and the calm before the rebirth brought by spring ...

sorry, still far, far away ~

"All Is Calm"

What Winter Brings
Mary J. Ward

The cold winds blow and with comes winter snow.

The lakes are all frozen and icicles hang from the roofs.

The trees are all bare, seem to shiver and they shake.

Almost like they know, what summer brings, winter takes.

Green grass is now hidden beneath the snow,

asleep for the winter, come spring it will grow.

How strange that the winter turns into a world into eary space with no sound.

The blanket of snow that covers the ground.

No sweet smells from flowers when they are in bloom.

No sounds from the ponds where the loon sings their tunes.

No chirps from the birds there gone until spring.

The only sound there is when the church bell rings.

Shadows pass by in the glow of the moon light.

The days are shorter longer are the nights.

But morning will come soon,

and the warmth from the sunlight.

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