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In recent times, I have been asked if there are any Moss prints that can be used to give in memory of someone who has passed. Here is a piece that I just framed as a memorial gift and shipped to Texas ~

The title of the print is “Crimson Dazzler” and it is beautiful. We knew we wanted an extra opening in the mat so that we could include a phrase with the framing - we wanted something that was not maudlin or sad - something that would bring a smile and warm the heart when seen.
Because the man, who died, passed away during the holiday season, “Christmas Requiem” seemed like the perfect phrase to use in the opening.
Of course, a rich red had to be used somewhere in the matting because of the cardinal and berries on the branches. We chose a black-core red. The intensity of the red seemed to go perfectly with the image - not too bright; not too orange.
When choosing the outer mat, we selected a greenish gold with lots of texture. The green complimented the greens in the image, and the gold picked up on the golden highlights within the piece.
I wanted to add just a bit more detail to the framing, so I added the wide v-groove, allowing a bit more red to envelope the image.
I just wanted to share this idea with you and to let you see how beautiful the print, “Crimson Dazzler” is when framed; and also to share the idea that this image or many others serves not only as a thoughtful memorial piece, but it can be used to commemorate or celebrate any of life’s events: birthday wishes, graduations, promotions, get-well wishes, holidays - are just a few that come to mind.

The Art Loft Gallery, LTD., a locally owned and operated business in Collinsville, Illinois, has been open since 1984. In addition to offering custom picture framing services, The Art Loft Gallery, LTD. is an authorized dealer for renowned artist, Patricia Buckley Moss, and also has a wide variety of antiques and giftware for sale. Come in for a unique shopping experience and enjoy a cup of Starbucks and a cookie while you shop. Contact Us


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