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what do you think of when you hear "rosebud"? ...

sweet childhood memories of a sled in plumes of snowy white ~

or, are you more traditional ...

"... that which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet"

~ William Shakespeare (Romeo & Juliet)

The Red Rose vs The White Rose

~ by Kenneth Maswabi ~

O Love is in your mind

You only dress for love

Your beautiful style is love

Your blossoming smile is love

You are the red rose

You are the comforter

The hand that rest on my shoulder

The warmth that comes with your smile

Shall forever be rested in my heart

The silk in your skin is amazing

Captivating the soul

You are the white rose

"Budding Love"

You push the limits of love

Sprinkling your perfume

You embrace love in your elegance

Outshining the lovers at times

You have perfected the art of love

You are the red rose of love

You are the inner peace

You are the friend in need

You are the friend indeed

You give me comfort

Your soothing beauty

Brings tranquility to my heart

You are the white rose

Hope you enjoy the bud.

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