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dj's carpenter ...

an original this big?

that’s pretty up close and personal

It’s not everyday a huge original painting (32 x 48+) of Matt Carpenter shows up at The Art Loft Gallery needing to be framed; but when it does… a few extra Aleve and I’m ready to go to work.

So DJ was the lucky bidder at a fundraising auction. He asked around for a framer he could trust to handle this big guy; and he was guided in the right direction because DJ and Carpenter ended up on my doorstep. I assured DJ that The Art Loft Gallery was the right place for him to be.

The framing was kept to a bare minimum: narrow black frame - spacer between the glazing and the artwork - nothing more. You may be asking why didn’t he choose framing that was more elaborate? Only because an entire stone wall is being built around this big boy.

DJ has promised to send pictures of Carpenter once he is placed in his prominent location; and I promise to share those photos with you.

What a great project to work on! It sure does make a statement ...

Thx DJ for trusting me with such a grand project. I’ll be expecting those photos in the near future.

~ Carolyn


I would love to feature photos of things that I have framed for you. Just email the image to me along with a little story, and I will publish it in the “archives” section of the website. It really is a lot of fun to share your projects with others; and others love to see what’s been done.

My email address remains:

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