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little bit o' this . . .

little bit o' that ~

before menfolk had power tools, they had . . .

Antique items you may . . . or may not recognize.

Valentine's Day, 2017.

Your man sits in his man chair, eyes focused on the critical list of newly signed CFL to NFL players for the year.

His funny Valentine (you) appears all giggly before him with a nice little gift, wrapped with love. Bows with streamers dangle down. He tears away from the NFL thing and tears through paper of red and gold hearts and peaks around you to watch the tube. He rolls his eyes as he fishes his pocket knife out of the depths of his pockets to cut that stubborn red ribbon that won't budge past any corner of the box. A pesky streamer bounces each time he brushes it away. Success! That knife automatically finds its way back into his deep pocket.

He's getting excited now! (Disregard that a player he really likes has been announced to his favorite team).

Ah, yes, the plain brown box is exposed. What could this be? His eyes glaze. You taped the box on all four sides. He digs that knife, now stuck in the fold of his pocket, out. He opens the box, almost gingerly, as manly thoughts race through his brain:

  • "Now what did she buy?"

  • "Thank God, I remembered Valentine's Day, hope she didn't one-up me again this year."

  • "This is definitely not a new bass boat."

  • "Only four more hours and Valentine's Day is officially over. Who came up with this Valentine's stuff anyway?"

Suddenly, the box pops open; and he exclaims in utter, confused disbelief, "What on earth is this?"

Maybe it's time to engage the masculine, playful side of your Valentine.

~ Carolyn

The Art Loft Gallery, LTD., a locally owned and operated business in Collinsville, Illinois, has been open since 1984. In addition to offering custom picture framing services, The Art Loft Gallery, LTD. is an authorized dealer for renowned artist, Patricia Buckley Moss, and also has a wide variety of antiques and giftware for sale. Come in for a unique shopping experience and enjoy a cup of Starbucks and a cookie while you shop. Contact Us

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