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The Penguin Who Was A Little Late . . .

A Penguin's Adventure

He tried and tried, but 'twasn't meant to be;

For this little guy to arrive before Christmas, at the gallery . . .

We waited and waited, and January came;

But where's our penguin? Who's to blame? . . .

Winter Friends

Then February's wintry frost appeared;

But no sign of a penguin, here nor there . . .

We, in our human ways, believe,

A penguin's fate is locked by icy reprieve . . .

Festive Penguin

Then March blew in like a mighty lion;

And upon the wind, our penguin was a flyin'!

What's that? Penguins don't fly?

Well, think again, for ours seemed to have appeared from the sky . . .

Jeanne's Originals Penguin ornament

You see, our penguin of joy,

Had to wait for his colony, he's so very coy . . .

So, here he is now, to greet penguin lovers everywhere;

Shipping delays behind him, with a wing and a prayer . . .

Penguin ornament back

He and all his little buddies celebrate now,

Because April is their migration time, Holy Cow!

In honor of our tuxedoed friends we say,

to one and all, Happy World Penguin Day!

Penguins on display


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