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Stephanie's story ~

Stephanie’s mother was in the process of making quilt squares when she became ill and passed away. She only completed four squares. When Stephanie found the box of fabric, she found the threaded needle still stuck in the fabric waiting for the next time her mom would stitch.

Stephanie decided to have each of the four completed squares framed, and she would give the framed squares to her brother and sister and children.

Stephanie’s mother had very distinguished hand-writing, and she wanted to include the words “with love” in the framing, but she did not have a card or letter that her mother signed using the words “with love.” That bit of a technicality did not stop Stephanie.

For Christmas, several years ago, her mother made each of her children a cookbook of her favorite family recipes. Her mother photocopied recipe cards, some of which had been typed, some handwritten. Stephanie found two recipes within the collection, one containing the word “with;” another with the word “love.” She asked me if there would be any way I could use those words, which her mom had written so many years ago, to include in the framing. Well of course, I could.

what I did…

I scanned each of the two recipes and edited out the words that I didn’t want. And now and we have a framed quilt square that includes an inset with Stephanie’s mother’s handwritten words, “with love.”

Such a special family remembrance to share!


I would love to feature photos of things that I have framed for you. Just email the image to me along with a little story, and I will publish it in the “archives” section of the website. It really is a lot of fun to share your projects with others; and others love to see what’s been done.

My email address remains:​

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